Creative Director’s Message

Güzel- An amalgam of striking masterpieces. Rija Shargeel works around intricate details and traditional embellishments keeping in mind the delicacy and femininity while puting out the fantasies, dreams and desires in the form of a tangible elegance. Each bridal and formal piece has been created with pure love and passion that is visible in the ethereally luxurious craftsmanship. The gorgeous textures and fabrics stylistically redefine the wedding trends. The flamboyantly vibrant color palette displays floral patterns, peacocks, birds, textures and cuts merging seamlessly into a woman’s imagination and wishes. The beautiful dresses are the reminiscence of old time charm creating priceless memories with grace. Making absolutely no compromises on the quality, these opulent designs take you back to the era where antique motifs and vintage textiles were the prime style statement. Glimpses of lustrous details, jewels, tones and enchanting embroideries make you fall in love and transport you to a world where dreams do come true!